Julie Lamb and Donald Yule Present at the CDL Conference

On October 2, 2014, Julie Lamb and Donald Yule made presentations concerning underinsured motorist insurance coverage to the Canadian Defence Laywers The Best Defence Continuing Legal Education Conference.

Donald Yule’s presentation included, among other topics, an analysis of UMP legislation in BC, exclusions, initiating claims, arbitration procedure, use of experts, and deductions. His Power Point Presentation can be accessed here and his paper can be accessed here.

Julie Lamb’s presentation addressed the following issues on underinsured motorist insurance coverage: (1) What happens when an ICBC insured is injured as a passenger in an Alberta-insured vehicle, and the tortfeasor is underinsured?; (2) What if an out-of-province claimant is injured in B.C., and the defendant driver has inadequate limits?; (3) If there is more than one policy that may respond, what is the priority of underinsured motorist insurance policies?. Her Power Point Presentation can be accessed here.