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Kirstin Jamison


Kirstin joined Guild Yule as a paralegal practicum student in June of 2019 (just in time to join the firm’s softball team!). The end of her practicum marked the completion of her Bachelor of Legal Studies (Paralegal) Degree from Capilano University. She was hired on at Guild Yule as a paralegal in December 2019.

While in school, Kirstin worked part-time in family law as a general/legal administrative assistant for nearly five years before coming to Guild Yule.

Kirstin enjoys the wide variety of practice areas Guild Yule has to offer. She is always excited to take on tasks pertaining to all stages of litigation, including drafting pleadings, conducting research and summarizing case law, retaining and instructing experts, and preparing lists of documents.

Kirstin has been a dancer since the age of two, and she enjoys staying active with yoga, running, hiking, and at-home workouts.


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