Construction Group

Guild Yule’s Construction Group handles a variety of legal matters arising from the construction process and affected insurable interests. Our members are familiar with all aspects of the construction process from pre-construction to post-construction and the losses, claims and disputes that arise.

We handle disputes arising from all types of projects throughout Canada including transportation and infrastructure, residential construction, and commercial and industrial applications.

Typical issues addressed by our lawyers include:

  • Insurance policy and contract review;
  • Property loss, personal injury and business interruption claims arising during the course of construction;
  • Contractor and owner delay claims and claims for extras;
  • Home warranty disputes;
  • Project deficiency and warranty claims; and
  • Enforcement and recovery.

To pursue our clients’ objectives we work with adjusters and experts that are familiar with, and specialize in, these construction related disputes. We also work closely with Guild Yule’s solicitors who are experienced in drafting all types of commercial agreements and security instruments.